Patent Preparation & Prosecution

At Pauly, DeVries Smith & Deffner we understand that a patent’s value is directly related to how well it meets the client’s business objectives. We provide advice and services with that fact in mind.

Our professionals are skilled at obtaining strong patent protection across the full spectrum of technologies. We adhere to best practices in the preparation of patents and send our attorneys to top training programs to stay in front of changes in the law. We forge collaborative relationships with inventors that allow for the best possible work product.

Beyond the preparation of patent applications, we are skilled in representing our clients before the United States Patent and Trademark Office during the examination process (patent prosecution). We regularly conduct interviews with patent examiners to help conclude cases as expeditiously and cost effectively as possible.

Many of our clients operate on a global scale. Therefore, in addition to securing rights in the United States, we help our clients secure rights around the world. We keep up with changes to the law in foreign countries and regularly work with associate attorneys from jurisdictions in Europe, Japan, China, Korea, Canada, and Mexico, among others.