Our Experience

At Pauly, DeVries Smith & Deffner we have extensive experience working with leading companies of all types and sizes, and in a wide range of industries and fields.

Our industry experience and representative clients can be found through the links to the left. Examples of our service include:

Helping to Identify and Beat the Competition

Pauly, DeVries Smith & Deffner suggested and performed a competitive IP analysis for a client that uncovered a competitor’s new product initiative with potential to threaten substantial sales of our client. We creatively developed and executed on a plan using IP tools to neutralize the competitor’s effect on our client’s sales.

Adding Value to Due Diligence

We investigated a potential new business opportunity for a client to acquire a promising technology, identifying substantial issues that were undisclosed by the other party to the transaction. This knowledge allowed our client to save substantial investment dollars.

Securing the Pathway into Foreign Markets

As a result of keeping in contact with a client’s business plans, Pauly, DeVries Smith & Deffner learned about expansion into foreign markets and created a foreign rights protection plan that dramatically increased the value achieved by the client’s investment.

Getting Past Roadblocks to IP Protection

Pauly, DeVries Smith & Deffner took over a portfolio from previous counsel where prosecution had ground to a halt and had left the client frustrated. We quickly created a new plan for pursuing rights and obtained multiple patents within one year.

Excellence in Managing Budgets

We worked collaboratively with a client to identify the means through which reduced budgets set by client management could be met with minimal impact on the value of the IP portfolio. We continued to closely watch legal spending to ensure that an international team of IP practitioners met budget expectations.

Licensing to Enable Entry into New Market

Pauly, DeVries Smith & Deffner conducted a side-by-side evaluation with a client of a new product line, including infringement risks and scope of IP owned by acquisition target. We negotiated a license agreement for rights to the IP, structuring it so that licensing fees were contingent on client’s commercial success.